IM Command: Alias

Aliases let you abbreviate commonly-used commands.

If you're like me, you're meticulous about your tagging. But it's a pain to continually type create ... [hm im @work]. So I can use an alias to make it easier:

alias bot=create [hm im @work]

Now I can type bot document the new alias command which expands to create [hm im @work] document the new alias command. It's OK that the tags come before the summary, the braindump syntax is forgiving.

With some commands (like "due") you have to type the task IDs first (then the due date), which doesn't work well with aliases. Instead you can use command (stuff): (tasks). More concretely, say we want a command that takes some tasks and sets their due date to today. Ordinarily we'd write due (tasks) on today. But aliases only let you add text to the end, so at best we could write an alias to set the due date of a specific set of tasks -- not too useful. But we can also use due today: (tasks) which does work the way we want it to. To create this alias, use: alias imm=due today:. You can then use this command like: imm 7rno or even imm /essay.

You can see all your aliases by typing alias

To remove an alias, type alias aliasname=

If you think of a particularly clever alias, please let us know!